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On the basis of video-recordings of unacquainted people meeting in public spaces, the project addresses a diversity of topics, articulating them in original ways:

  • the organisation of openings of social interactions and the multimodal practices they rely on;

  • the mutual identification, recognition, categorisation of the participants in social interaction as well as the emergent accountability of actions;

  • the organisation of co-presence, unfocused and focused encounters, embodied trajectories in space and spatial arrangements of the participants;

  • language choice, code-switching, language negotiation and language adjustments in social interaction.


Methodological topics are also addressed and reflected, such as:

  • planning the naturalistic video-documentation of unforeseeable events

  • video-recording in outdoor settings where individuals are “on the move” combining multiple video and audio sources

  • video-recording complex articulated spaces in which coincidental trajectories might happen

  • organising informed consent for unplanned interactions

  • transcribing mobile actions in complex spaces

  • transcribing subtle linguistic variations, negotiations and mutual adjustments in interaction

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