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Philipp Hänggi


Philipp Hänggi is a PhD researcher in the Department of Linguistics and Literature at the University of Basel, where he is part of the SNF project The First Five Words: Multilingual Cities in Switzerland and Belgium and the Grammar of Language Choice in Public Space directed by Lorenza Mondada and Elwys De Stefani. His research centers on the use of language in everyday life, focusing on naturally occurring social interaction. He brings together methods from multimodal conversation analysis and ethnomethodology to investigate human interaction in present-day, urban as well as rural environments - with a particular focus on how unacquainted people spontaneously engage in interaction in multilingual settings. Based on video-recordings collected in multilingual cities, touristic locations, and areasof multiple contact, his research thus aims at contributing to the analysis of interactional openings among strangers and multilingualism in action.

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