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This research project examines naturalistic data with the analytic procedures offered by Conversation Analysis (CA) and Interactional Linguistics (IL). Data have been collected in public space, as well as in institutional and service-related settings, with multiple video-devices equipped with wireless directional microphones supported by fieldwork. All interactants featuring in the data have granted informed consent to the recording and use of the data for scientific purposes. These primary data have been edited so as to synchronise the recordings stemming from different audio- and video sources. Transcripts have been generated following Jefferson’s (2004) conventions for talk-in-interaction and Mondada’s (2018) guidelines for embodied conduct. Depending on the specificities of the encounters, vertical CA-style transcriptions or horizontal ELAN transcriptions are used. The analysis is based on collections of recurrent core (embodied and linguistic) phenomena, thereby enabling a comparative analysis of multimodal and multilingual practices.

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